As an experienced and specialized Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in functional/integrative and sports nutrition, I create valuable content that helps increase your presence and validity and wows and resonates with your readers. I offer a variety of different writing, editing, and creative content services. Please contact me with any questions or if you don’t see the specific service you’re seeking. If the service or project is within my scope and abilities, I am happy to discuss the specifics to help you reach your aspiring goals.

Content Creation Services Listed Below

Research Articles

It is important for your brand to reflect evidence-based copy and expert writers help achieve this. I combine my expertise with higher-level scientific research to develop high quality articles.

White Papers/Technical

White papers and technical reports strongly increase trust and validity with your target audience and allow you to disseminate scientific proof. Having written a Master’s Thesis, I have ample experience creating objective, yet, captivating articles and reports.

Blog Posts

A brand’s Blog is an engaging way to interact with your ideal audience, adding voice and personality to your trademark. I create valid posts that feature a sprinkle of wit and cathartic relief.

Editing and Proofreading

Having an additional set of eyes on your manuscripts and articles ensures they are accurate and mistake-free. Proofreading and editing services are available for various healthcare professionals at very affordable rates with quick return time.

E-Books & Books

Both of these are strong methods to further establish your expertise and expand your message in detail. I can assist with all aspects of book creation from idea development to ghost writing.

List Making

Ever heard of this service? Either have I. But, I thoroughly enjoy creating lists, and it’s a simple way of providing a heap of information in a compact way. Lists can range any topic. Some ideas I have include Top 20 Natural Supplements, Top Treatment Centers in the Country with all contact information, etc. These are very reasonably priced and vary according to project requirements.

Let’s work together. Please contact me directly with any further questions about writing and creative media services.

~I want to help you reach your wildest goals~