While Michelle mostly focuses on health and wellness media & content projects, she can’t resist continuing to see some clients, because she really enjoys forging those relationships. Michelle graduated with a Masters Degree in Sports Nutrition, simultaneously became a Certified Personal Trainer, and began her career as an Eating Disorder Dietitian. She ventured into working for a Private Practice, working, again, with athletes, eating disorders and severe GI disturbances. *These are the only sectors of clients she currently services for nutrition consultations. However, she offers a comprehensive meal planning bundle for anyone interested. Various fitness training services are also provided. Please see right for more detailed information.

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***Michelle is contracted with three different companies in order to provide direct health services. Please read carefully to ensure you are being directed to the next website in order to schedule your correct appointment or service.

Eating Disorders & GI

Nutrition Consult Via RESULTS Food Coaching LLC
  • Michelle sees clients struggling with eating disorders and GI struggles with RESULTS.
  • Cost is variable and based on your individualized package or services
  • Does not accept insurance at this time
  • Payment is required before the first session takes place and is paid virtually and securely
  • Michelle will obtain a comprehensive diet, weight, and health history, then helps clients create meaningful goals and develop tailored interventions

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition Consult Via Top Nutrition and Performance

  • Michelle sees competitive athletes and other clients desiring to level up their athletic performance through proper, individualized nutrition strategies.
  • Cost is variable and based on your individualized package or services
  • Does not accept insurance at this time
  • Payment is required before the first session takes place and is paid virtually and securely
  • Michelle will obtain a comprehensive diet, weight, and health history, then helps clients create meaningful goals and develop tailored interventions

Personal Training

Personal Training/Fitness via Trainiac

  • Michelle provides virtual personal training plans via Trainiac. Each plan is uniquely individualized based on an initial consultation where you and Michelle develop solidified strategies to achieve your unique goals.

Meal Planning E-Book

Meal Planning/Preparation

Coming soon…

~It’s never too early nor too late to work towards becoming the healthiest version of you~


Why do you appear to work for so many different companies as a provider?- I am considered a contracted provider for Dietetic and Fitness services. I choose to contract with multiple companies because they specialize in specific areas and target certain audiences. I enjoy working and want to service a variety of different types of clients. Therefore, by contracting with different companies, I can offer my expertise to even more people who desire it.

Do you take insurance for payment? – No, not at this time. I accept credit/debit card.

Do you have any available payment plans? – At this time, the entire cost is due before the first appointment. I hope to set up payment plan options in the near future.

Do you see anyone who isn’t an athlete or doesn’t have an eating disorder or GI issue? – On an individualized case by case, I may see someone who has a related condition or struggle. Please contact me with any specific questions. During this time and for the foreseeable future, I will see people concerned about the current pandemic who simply want to enhance their immune system, optimize sleep, and/or just want to support themselves best.

Do I need to bring anything with me to session? – You do not technically need to bring anything (besides payment if applicable), but you can bring lab and/or blood test results if pertinent and any other document like a food diary or journal if you think it will be helpful to the session.

Are you going to give me a meal plan or tell me I can’t eat certain foods anymore? – Absolutely not, unless there is a medical necessity! I consider myself a non-diet dietitian, and I rarely prescribe meal plans except in certain situations. I believe learning healthy behaviors is the best way to learn and succeed long term.

If you don’t provide meal plans, how will I know what to eat? – Most likely, you are reaching out to a dietitian because you desire assistance with healthy habit building. Here is the thing, though. Forming healthy, long term habits requires practice and formative learning. Rather than just give you a meal plan, where you don’t actually learn how to portion, why to portion that amount, how to navigate the nuance of nutrients, how to build a balanced plate, etc., I teach you these skills. That way, when we conclude working together, you can implement these strategies on your own!

Do you work with disordered eating or only severe eating disorders? – Because this is an outpatient setting, I usually work with clients who just left treatment or who have disordered eating/disturbed relationship with food but not necessarily a diagnosed eating disorder (which wouldn’t matter to me, regardless). Due to ethical and safety concerns, I refer clients with severe eating struggles to treatment centers.

Are you a dietitian or nutritionist? – I am a registered dietitian, meaning I graduated with a Dietetics degree, earned a Master’s in Nutrition, and passed a national exam. Conversely, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Kinda crazy right?

What does a session look like? – During initial sessions, I ask a lot of questions about your history and current goals. I want to know exactly what information you want to receive and what results you want to achieve. Towards the middle to end of the session, I conceptualize what I’m hearing and envisioning, and then we create explicit goals with specific, achievable steps and develop any other necessary interventions or plans. Follow ups include fine tuning, discussing progression, and restructuring if necessary.

How many sessions do people normally attend? – This is completely up to each individual, however, I find the clients who have the most success schedule at least 5-6 sessions every month to every other month. The major benefit of working with a dietitian is the accountability and implementation support. I find many people already know the basics, but don’t know how to stick to their goals and plans and benefit from friendly reminders and encouragement along the way.

What is your counseling style? – I am very casual and laid back. This doesn’t mean I don’t know my info, though! I do, I promise. But when I am sitting in the other chair (the patient chair), I don’t care for practitioners who feel stuffy and overly-professional. Yes, I think there is such a thing. Furthermore, I believe there is a way to be friendly and open without breaching any confidentiality or legality. Do not fear, I always, without a doubt, follow protocols, but I think, and my clients tell me that I feel warm and welcoming, empathetic, and comfortable.

***Please contact me with any other questions not listed. I look forward to hearing from you!