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Committing Online

I’ve never truly, fully committed to something in my life. I may be able to argue I overly committed to running at one point in my life, but that’s a novel for another day. So, this is me committing on the internet to anyone who has found this unique little corner. Committing to maintaining this… Continue reading Committing Online


Functional Fitness 101

If you’ve heard of functional fitness, you may already have your own perceptions and presumptions. However, they might be skewed due to incorrect or faulty health information that makes headlines and popular fitness websites. Nowadays, fitness “professionals” often associate functional fitness with whatever program or workout style they specifically promote because the mere term sounds… Continue reading Functional Fitness 101

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10 Adaptogenic Herbs That Improve Metabolism

Take a peek at Pinterest and you’ll quickly discover adaptogenic herbs are the newest trend claiming to cure numerous health struggles. Bloated, tired, no sex drive? Make this adaptogenic potion, and, alakazam, you’ll feel better! But, is there actual merit to these claims? First off, adaptogens do contain natural medicinal properties to help balance the… Continue reading 10 Adaptogenic Herbs That Improve Metabolism

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Bacon, Avocado, and a Side of Ketones

The Ketogenic Diet Craze As a Registered Dietitian, others often ask many, albeit, silly questions about the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is currently the trendiest fad since deeming kale the supreme superfood of the planet. Thankfully, we now know that, in fact, you don’t have to add kale to your smoothies to be considered healthy. And,… Continue reading Bacon, Avocado, and a Side of Ketones


7 Popular Exercise Trends in 2020

Which Ones Could Help Runners Just like many unsustainable and complicated fad diets circulate our world, there are equally as many obscene exercise fads. Because we are bombarded with ample, usually unsolicited health and wellness advice so often, it is difficult to know what trends are worthwhile and not a brief fad. As a runner,… Continue reading 7 Popular Exercise Trends in 2020