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Committing Online

I’ve never truly, fully committed to something in my life. I may be able to argue I overly committed to running at one point in my life, but that’s a novel for another day. So, this is me committing on the internet to anyone who has found this unique little corner. Committing to maintaining this Blog, if nothing more than, because I simply enjoy sharing information that can possibly reach and touch someone who needs to hear it. 

However, this part of my blog is going to be unique, likely void of most best-practice web strategies and tactics. Frankly, I don’t care about implementing the latest and greatest SEO tactics, or “choosing” subject topics based on popularity related to “Big Brother-like” advertisers and influencers…one of those millennial references we’ll most likely regret one day. And, I don’t want to have to worry about minimizing my paragraph lengths to three sentences max, with one being ideal, because first of all, the latter is a called a sentence, and second of all, when executed properly, a long sentence sounds simply eloquent. This part of my blog will be personal, genuine, and deep. If you want straightforward health and wellness info, which is totally cool, just stick to the other half of my blog!

I’ve attempted to start a health and wellness brand/business/space multiple times now. Each time, I’m genuinely, abundantly excited at first. Ideas flow like melted butter, creating content feels effortless, and sharing brings me joy. Yet, something always suddenly and explicitly halts my intentions. I’ve learned, the same exact thing elicits this halt every dang time. That thing is… me. Me, myself, and I.

As much as I hate to admit this, it’s too true not to reveal. I am the one impeding my own progress and evolution. I am the one breaking and avoiding my intentions and affirmations, helping me rationalize why I never finish anything I start. I am the only one in my own way.

Well, I need and truly want this time to be different. I need this launch of my brand to be the last. I don’t have any more time to waste, plus, writing, creating, and sharing truly bring me joy and provide me an opportunity to connect, engage, and serve others- the only true thing I’ve remained committed to my entire life. And, thankfully, my idea of how I can serve others has shifted immensely over the years. In the past, I only considered more obvious, conventional methods of service, but time and experience expanded my perceptions, broadening my potential, allowing me to recognize the profound power of words.

I won’t completely bombard you with Enneagram references and information yet- but beware, it will come! If you’ve never heard of the Enneagram, it’s a personality assessment that possesses profound ability to transform and enlighten. I’m slightly obsessed, and I used to care about trying not to annoy people by talking about it too much, but it’s had a giant impact on my life and relationships, so I will continue to share it with those who want to listen! So, with that- the Enneagram ultimately revealed my innate behavioral and, even moreso, motivational tendencies, which encouraged me to reevaluate how and why I commit and so easily decommit from goals and aspirations. For a variety of reasons, I possess a tendency to want to commit very quickly and decommit even quicker.

Literally, I’d be acting counterintuitively to the teachings of the Enneagram that I cherish so much if I continue these frequent patterns. So, instead, I am finally committed to this new journey that I’m creating along the way. Rather than feeling torn down by others, questioning my abilities, losing interest because I feel a lack of instant satisfaction, or ripping myself apart, I will persevere through the trials and tribulations.

I hope you stick around, comment on my crazy ideas, give your opinions, and help me build a kind, fun, and helpful community. I appreciate you and deeply value your insight. Let all of our lights shine bright. 

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